Hinduism Is A False Religion

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“The CAA has been passed by Parliament with an aim to provide citizenship to the minorities coming to India from neighbouring countries that are being oppressed there in the name of religio.

The attacks come amid anti-Hindu propaganda by Christian fundamentalist leaders. Besides Robertson, Christian pastor Franklin Graham has denounced Hindus as followers of a “false religion” and.

Hindutva is the identity of our nation and it (Hinduism) can incorporate others (religions. convincing is required once the shibboleths of false knowledge crumble.” The author also goes.

Countries With Islam As Main Religion 10 Jan 2020. This makes Islam the second most popular religion in the world at that. Because of the widespread islamophobia in the country, this value is. 3 Apr 2019. The population of Muslims is highest in Islam's important centers. Christian population live in countries having the ten largest Christian communities. states where the dominant

a false impression was created as if the administration was bringing about these changes to harm the students,” the V-C said. He justified the “nominal increase in the hostel charges” saying.

It is strange that in a country where around 80% of the population declare themselves as belonging to Hindu religion, there is widespread feeling among a cross section of Hindus that the Hindu.

That is why I left Hinduism and accepted Islam. The story quotes her as claiming that Islam is the best religion for women. “I closely studied Islam and found that it is the most peaceful.

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She also went on to draw a parallel between the CAA and the Rowlatt Act of 1919 and termed both as the ‘black laws’ of.

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specifically the Brahminical religion, clearer when he says: “Use truth as your anvil, nonviolence as your hammer and.

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Although the Opposition leaders know the judgment will not forbid eruption of newer disputes, there is a firm belief that the efficacy of the false narrative that Hindu honour is in. expositions on.

This is because, the circular states, the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development, better known as Jakim, has declared Ponggal “haram” as it is a “celebration for Hindu worshippers”.

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Mumbai: In a shocking revelation, Milind Ekbote, one of the key accused in the violence happened at Bheema Koregao two years ago, has declared his nationality as Hindu and not Indian. government’s.

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He said the economy is being run on emotions, false stories and gaudy explanations rather than on logic and facts. “The current economic crisis is a man-made disaster, with demonetisation.

That is why teachers and students – of all religions – defy violent Hindu goons and radicalised. These are patently false. We know that Muslims are among India’s most disadvantaged.

Alt News claims to have debunked the Governor’s claim on Twitter – a video posted by him on Twitter which, he alleged, was of “Muslims trying to pick up a Hindu. they do is false, biased.

It is important to emphasise this because the Mahatma, while extracting the best from all religions. and the brittle and false definition of Hinduism aggressively propagated by their followers.

Union Defence minister and senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh said at a Delhi election rally that India is not a Hindu nation.